Government Customers

VIDIZMO empowers organizations and agencies in the public sector with comprehensive live and on-demand video streaming, and digital media and evidence management solutions for serving a diverse set of government needs, including the highest level of security and compliance with laws and regulations such as CJIS, GDPR and FedRamp. Additionally, for supporting government customers, VIDIZMO enables deployment on the Azure Government Cloud and the AWS GovCloud to offer the widest range of legal compliances at industrial, regional and international levels.

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Commercial Customers

VIDIZMO is a leading provider of enterprise video streaming, digital media management and digital evidence management systems to commercial corporations and businesses. Available in more than 140 countries around the globe, VIDIZMO caters to numerous private organizations in the private sector across a range of industries.

Featured Customers

Yamaha, one of the largest companies in the manufacturing industry, uses VIDIZMO to stream and manage online training & learning for their employees and conduct live streams accessible from any device deployed in a cloud infrastructure using a secure platform. Japan’s leading IT solutions provider and reseller, NESIC uses VIDIZMO for a wide variety of internal and external use cases, such as training & onboarding new recruits, marketing and managing all their corporate videos using a single solution. The Hartford uses VIDIZMO to securely stream and share live & on-demand videos to their employees for communication and training with tools such as quizzes for knowledge checks, and controls for ensuring only authorized individuals can upload content or watch certain videos within and outside of the company for privacy and security. John Cockerill hosts and streams training videos on VIDIZMO, using the platform's tools to organize content into playlists for structured learning, conduct knowledge checks with quizzes, share training material within videos and segregate content for privacy between departments and business divisions. VIDIZMO enabled New Work SE to stream training content to their internal employees and potential recruits for their clients on a consolidated solution while ensuring their private content was restricted to their employees only and the platform was fully branded according to their corporate identity. VIDIZMO enabled this US leading power generator and Fortune 500 company to automatically transcode and stream videos to their stakeholders from any device and anywhere, segregate content and departments with autonomous, brandable portals, and control access & permissions for each employee based on the organization's hierarchy. VIDIZMO enabled XcitED, one of the biggest EdTech startup gatherings held every year to live stream globally to about 1000 industry leaders with more than 300 registered startups in the audience.            

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